Monday, March 11, 2013

Scofflaw Year One: Your Faves and Ours!

We’re so excited to be celebrating our first birthday here at Scofflaw! And what a year it’s been.

Last week we gave you the opportunity to vote your favorite food item + cocktail back into Scofflaw rotation. The polls have closed and the results are in: We heard you loud and clear! You wanted the Brisket and the Pork Loin sandwich, the Weathered Axe and the Lonesome Hero. We like you so much so for liking us so much that we’re offering all four fan favorites a spot on the menu!

Now that we know what your favorite things are, we thought we’d share one of our favorite things: Keeping up with all the Instagramming you guys do here at Scofflaw.  Below are a few of our favorite shots from Year One:

Row One: @esca77, @neonaztec, @wakingsound
Row Two: @derekrichmond , @jaymiey , @johannalowe
Row Three: @bethanytap , @deansie, @joepia

Row One: @katiestipo, @gati_k, @lnblnblnb
Row Two: @mtch, @verspertineeve, @stephanietisza
Row Three: @aliciagutierrez, @jerbil, @tamher28

Row One: @tribecalledjon, @mags56 , @chelseann27
Row Two: @tony_, @quynhniequynhquynh, @aftonmichelle
Row Three: @amandarosek, @lisakem, @reusefirst
We hope to see you tonight, and lots of other nights thereafter. Here’s to Scofflaw Year Two!

Monday, March 4, 2013

It's our birthday!

We are celebrating our first birthday next week, and we're feeling a little nostalgic for the early days of Scofflaw. And of course, we have you to thank for such a great year, so we want to get you a present! But what do you want? How 'bout your favorite dish or tipple of menus past? Let us know which food and cocktail you've missed the most (via a blog comment, Facebook comment, or tweet), and we'll re-debut the popular demand duo at our birthday party on Tuesday, March 12th.

We'll be accepting suggestions until Friday, March 8th, so don't delay!