Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Ghost of Bonny's Returns... Again!

The ghost of Bonny’s returns again for Scofflaw’s 2nd Annual Bonny’s Halloween Party. Join us at Scofflaw guessed it, Thursday, October 31st, as we host the spirit of your favorite late night dance party. This incarnation happens to include Bonny’s OG DJ crew. Too many initials for you? Sorry, we were trying to sound cool. What we really mean is that Superfriends (PreFosh & Huggies Supreme) and Major Taylor will provide the soundtrack for your spookiest dance moves.

Costumes are encouraged, and so it’s only fair that our regular cocktail menu be costumed*, too. We lead by example. Expect $3 “Mallory” shots (In the good ol’ days, this was Bonny’s ‘House Shot’: Malort + Campari), plus $3 PBR drafts and $5 highballs. Bring an extra couple bucks just in case the “tamale guy” manifests for late night eats...

*And by costumed, we mean wearing an invisibility cloak. Like, not there. So leave your fancy pants at home and enjoy the shots n' beers, because we won't be serving the regular cocktail and food menus on Halloween.