Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween at Scofflaw + Slippery Slope!

We’re officially giving up the ghost of Bonny’s at Scofflaw, as our annual Bonny’s Revival Halloween Party moves to Slippery Slope, where those late-night dance parties live on in all their red lit glory. It’s Friday as usual, with Slippery Slope’s regular hours and menu with Friday resident DJs (and long-time Bonny’s party throwers), Superfriends!

But Scofflaw’s got a new party: It’s a Toga Party (think Animal House), and we invite you to consider this an opportunity to show the world your finest bedsheets. Or, wear your Belushi-style “College” sweatshirt, Sexy Little Ceasar, or whatever other brilliance you have up your sleeve. Costumes encouraged because they’re fun and you’re fun but not required.

What is required? Well you should be prepared to drink Jungle Juice and keg beer (settle down, it’s just draft beer) out of those classic Red Solo Cups and chant ‘Toga, Toga, Toga!’ every hour on the hour.

Which paves the way for a massive dance party, via DJ Carlos Mercado. He’ll play the dopest 70’s dance music around, spiced with killer soundtrack anthems all night!

Animal House Party at Scofflaw
Friday, October 31st

*please note that we’re opening a little later on this evening, and that our regular food and cocktail menus will not be served.