Thursday, June 2, 2016

Avery Brewing Company Tap Takeover

We can’t make it so that you’ve got another three day weekend coming up, but we can make this next week pretty exciting. Because it’s Tap Takeover time again. And this go ‘round, we’re giving over half our handles to the Avery Brewing Company!

Straight outta Colorado, we’ll be serving up their classics + some special releases:
IPA, India Pale Ale (6.5% abv)
White Rascal, Belgian Style White Ale (5.6%)
Ellie’s Brown, American Brown Ale (5.5%)
Liliko’I Kepolo, Passionfruit White Ale (5.4%)
Raja, Double India Pale Ale (8%)

Avery Brewing Company Tap Takeover
Tuesday, June 7th

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Cocktail Menu

Just around the time you’re gonna be able to enjoy our patio (like, without a blanket and your down coat), we’re releasing our next cocktail menu. So, drop in and say 'au revoir' to your current menu favorites and prepare to make some space in your heart for a new sweetheart off our upcoming menu. Because they’re all just as pretty as the one pictured above...Stay tuned to Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and Carrier Pigeon where we'll announce New Menu Day!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Our 4th Birthday Bash!

(Clockwise from left: Temple Destroyer, Last Light, Feat of Strength, Lonesome Hero, Falcon Cap, Swizzle #3, Pina Colada, Deco Step)
Wow. We’re four! That really snuck up on us, but don’t worry -- we’ve been applying to preschools from day one, so we’re not totally freaking out right now.

As is our custom, we’re celebrating the big day (and it falls on a weekend, which is like, a benediction to party) by bringing back cocktails of yore. So, if any of the above were on your favorites list, take a trip down memory lane starting at 11am on Sunday.

Oh, and do you like corn dogs? Us, too! We have so much in common. Chef Nicole is making some very, very delicious corn dogs to add that carnival vibe to an already stellar party. Come early, stay late, drink up, get down. You know the drill because you’ve done this three times before!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Fan Fiction: Westward Bound; A Joe Murray Send-Off!

Joe Murray has been with Scofflaw from almost day one. Like, day 34 maybe. He came on board as a dishwasher then worked every position in the house before settling in as a bartender. So you can understand why we're awfully sad to see him go. And why we want to keep him happy: he knows all our secrets!

So we're sending Joe off with a special Fan Fiction night dedicated just to him, and with a menu comprised of only his cocktails (that have formerly graced our past menus). Certainly, Joe's presence on our team made us who we are, but on March 8th, it's the Joe Show!

Fan Fiction
Westward Bound; A Joe Murray Send-Off!  
Tuesday, March 8th 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tap Takeover: Stout Night

Stout (/stout/) (adjective):
(of an act, quality, or person) brave and determined.
synonym: determined, vigorous, forceful, spirited

We’re in the thick of a Chicago Winter and it is not for the faint of heart. We have to weather this weather by being brave and determined. By hunkering down. By eating and drinking a lot.

Sure, we’ve got delicious cocktails that’ll warm your bones (ahem, Hot Buttered Rum) and two roaring fireplaces on the regular. Yes, we deliver hot chocolate to our beloved patrons when they’re in line during these freezing nights. But still we ask ourselves: what can we do to make these next few months easier for everyone?

So, stouts. They’re delicious! They’re bracing! And we’ve got a bunch of remarkable ones for you all in one place on Monday, January 11th:

North Coast Brewing Barrel Aged Old Rasputin
Surly Brewing Co. Darkness
Off Color Brewing Dinos'mores
Dark Horse Brewing Co. Barrel Aged Plead the Fifth

Join us next week as our favorite breweries band together to make this a vigorous and spirited Tap Takeover!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

New Year's Eve!

2015, you were everything we always thought you’d be! Wait, what? What we mean is, 2015 you were cool, but let’s move on. And, as always, we’re here to help you ring in the New Year with a classy, sparkly, and cocktail-fueled party! Your ticket purchase secures your spot and provides all of your party needs:

  • Hors d'oeuvres!
  • Open bar!*
  • DJ for special end-of-year dance moves!
  • Champagne toast at midnight!

Thank you Uber and El NiƱo, two current luxuries that promise to make this upcoming NYE a little less horrible than those of years past. But still, no one likes to chase a party in a Chicago Winter, regardless of accessible rides and warm ocean tides. Instead, we invite you to cozy up with us and our two roaring fireplaces for the whole night. Space is limited, so score your tickets now!

*shots not included

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fan Fiction: Stirred is the Word

Goodbye, spritzers. Farewell, gin & tonics! Hello, brown & stirred! 

It gets dark right before your captors bosses release you from your desk. Boots will be your footwear of choice for the next four months. Dust off that snow shovel, because we're about to see Winter again.

But hey, it's not all bad! We drink some of our favorite dark spirits in copious amounts to keep us warm and cheery despite what's happening outside. And so, to celebrate the approaching season, we scoured our favorite cocktail books and also our favorite cocktail brains to find the best Brown & Stirred cocktails in the land! 

On Monday, November 23rd, we're offering up a one-night-only Fan Fiction menu that's the stir crazy antidote to cabin fever!

American Trilogy (Dutch Kills) - Rye, Apple Brandy, Brown Sugar, Orange Bitters
Arrow - Rye, Kina L'Aero
Elefante (Nomad) - Blanco Tequila, Punt e Mes, Combier D'Orange, Dolin Blanc, Luxardo Amaro Abano
Finale & Einhorn (Heritage) - Rye, Creme de Mure, Creme de Cacao, Laphroaig
Morton Ave (Scofflaw) - Bonded Bourbon, Rosemary Syrup, Chamomile Bitters
Newark (PDT) - Apple Brandy, Carpano Antica, Fernet, Luxardo Maraschino
Night Watch (Death & Co.) - Old Tom Gin, Blackstrap, East India Solera Sherry, Angostura Bitters
Pins & Needles (Nomad) - Plymouth Gin, Old Tom Gin, Alvear Pale Cream Sherry, Dolin Dry, Luxardo Maraschino
Rum Old Fashioned (Clyde Common) - 12 Year Rum, Demerara Syrup, Orange Bitters
Spaghetti Western (Death & Co.) - Reposado Tequila, Mescal, Amaro Nonino​, Orange Bitters