Thursday, March 10, 2016

Our 4th Birthday Bash!

(Clockwise from left: Temple Destroyer, Last Light, Feat of Strength, Lonesome Hero, Falcon Cap, Swizzle #3, Pina Colada, Deco Step)
Wow. We’re four! That really snuck up on us, but don’t worry -- we’ve been applying to preschools from day one, so we’re not totally freaking out right now.

As is our custom, we’re celebrating the big day (and it falls on a weekend, which is like, a benediction to party) by bringing back cocktails of yore. So, if any of the above were on your favorites list, take a trip down memory lane starting at 11am on Sunday.

Oh, and do you like corn dogs? Us, too! We have so much in common. Chef Nicole is making some very, very delicious corn dogs to add that carnival vibe to an already stellar party. Come early, stay late, drink up, get down. You know the drill because you’ve done this three times before!

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