Friday, May 4, 2012

New Menu Item: Scofflaw Swizzle #1

We love gin (we really do!), but we’re into rum, too. And Smith & Cross is one of our favorites. It’s been around for a while; in fact, the mark of Smith & Cross dates back to 1788. This traditional Jamaican rum is distinguished from the herd by a complex flavor profile and Navy Strength (114 proof, y’all). A tiki-inspired cocktail is the fastest way to this challenging spirit’s heart, so batten down the hatches and say ‘Ahoy!’ to the Scofflaw Swizzle #1: Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum, El Dorado 3 Year White Demerara Rum, house-made orgeat, pineapple, lime, Angostura Bitters.  

Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum, El Dorado 3 Year White Demerara Rum.

This swizzle-style cocktail greets the drinker with a heady swath of Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum, which is tempered slightly by the more subtle  El Dorado 3 Year Cask Aged White Demerara Rum. Angostura bitters lends complementary notes of cinnamon and clove, while the graceful flavors of fresh lime and pineapple follow. The sweet nuttiness of house-made orgeat finishes each sip with a balanced tiki-ness. This drink delights the palette and is scientifically proven to prevent scurvy.* Everyone wins!

Pineapple, orgeat (almond syrup!), and lime.

The Scofflaw Swizzle #1 ($8) is available right now at Scofflaw.

*We have not actually proven this scientifically.

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