Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fan Fiction: Here's How!

Our February edition of Fan Fiction will visit another vintage cocktail manual that takes a lighthearted approach to the art of mixing drinks: the 1941 edition of Here’s How by W.C. Whitfield. The writing and illustrations are engagingly quirky and the drinks appropriately delicious.

Did you know you could make powdered sugar out of regular sugar? Neither did we, until we took a closer look at this fun-spirited (get it?) cocktail book. (For those with an aversion to pre-packaged, pre-powdered products, just put sugar in the blender and boom! Powdered sugar.) While powdered sugar isn’t an ingredient you see often in modern cocktail books, it appears to have been a staple of the everyday home bar a mere 70 years ago.

We’ve gone through and chosen eight cocktails we think are the cat’s meow, so stay tuned to the blog for swell sneak peeks of what we’ll be slinging on Monday, February 4th, 5pm-2am.

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