Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fan Fiction: Dale DeGroff's Rainbow Room, 1998

Last time we celebrated Dr. Cocktail. This time we’re hailing the King: Dale DeGroff, aka King Cocktail. Join us for our next edition of Fan Fiction on Monday, August 13th, from 5pm-2am, as head bartender Danny Shapiro recreates DeGroff’s 1998 Rainbow Room menu. 

While Carrie Bradshaw was tossing back cosmos and Jimmy Fallon was making his debut on Saturday Night Live, fifty-something stories above Manhattan Dale DeGroff was quietly beginning a cocktail revolution at Rockefeller Center’s Rainbow Room.
He wanted to know what drinks would have been served in the classic bars of New York, places that would have been visible from the perch of the Rainbow Room. So twelve years ago he started collecting bar books. Today he has 600 recipe compilations, monographs and memoirs in his collection. Via GQ.
Be sure to join us for Fan Fiction: Dale DeGroff's 1998 Rainbow Room on Monday, August 13th, 5pm-2am.

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