Monday, August 6, 2012

We all cheer: BEER!

Sixpoint Brewery takes over one of our tap towers. 

We love creating boozy cocktails for our menu, but sometimes in the middle of a long, hot summer, we just want to kick back with a beer. So in order to accommodate whatever mood you’re in this month, we’re adding some delicious new cocktails to our menu next week and spending some extra time on the beer front in August.

Choices, choices: can or draft?

Join us on Wednesday evening when we host the Chicago release of Sixpoint Brewery’s newest year round release! Brownstone Ale is a very drinkable beer, with a sizable hop kick at the start and a malty brown ale finish. And if that’s not enough to tempt you, we’re incorporating your new favorite brown ale into a feisty cocktail and a delectable pork cheek sandwich. 

Our resident beer guy, Kris Nagy.

Do we have your attention yet, beer folks? Because we’ve got another treat in store for you at the end of the month: we’re hosting our first beer dinner on Monday, August 27th! We’ll be pairing some of our favorite Founder’s brews with four courses courtesy of Chef Mickey. Stay tuned to our blog for info on guaranteeing your seat at the table.

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