Monday, May 6, 2013

Allagash Beer Brunch!

Have you always dreamed of having brunch at Scofflaw? Perhaps you remember eating Chef Mickey’s brunch specialties back when he was at Longman & Eagle, or maybe you just imagine how beautiful the bar might look in the morning (alright, afternoon) light. Either way, here’s your chance: At 1pm on Saturday, May 25th, we’re hosting a beer brunch with Allagash Brewing Company in honor of Chicago Craft Beer Week.

Our resident beer geek, Kris Nagy, has been a longtime fan of the Portland, Maine, brewery because of their top-notch classic Belgian-style brews. “I don’t like assholes. I try to stay away from them,” Kris says. “Their stuff is incredible, and they’re really cool people.”

Some cool things about this brunch:
  • Curieux, the Belgian-style triple brew that’s aged in bourbon barrels, is Kris’s favorite Allagash beer.
  • Scofflaw is getting a Methusalem of the Tripel Ale. (That’s a 6 liter bottle for anyone not fluent in beer.)
  • The first beer Allagash has ever done in foudres (big oak tanks), is called FV 13, and only two barrels were sent to Chicago. Check out who got just enough to pair with the fourth course of their beer brunch... (We did).
  • A representative from Allagash will be there, so you can ask them what it’s like to live in Maine. (They’ll probably be like, “It’s wicked cool, ay-yuh!”)

As you know, Scofflaw doesn’t usually do brunch, and because we only have 20 seats at this event, your ticket inherently comes with some bragging rights. We’ll open to the public at 5pm that evening.

Realize your Scofflaw brunch dream for only $75 per person (excluding gratuity). Each ticket includes brunch and a copy of Allagash: The Cookbook - signed by Rob Tod, the founder of Allagash. If you’re not already running over to Scofflaw to purchase your tickets at the bar, check out the menu above. Or if you’re stuck at your desk, shoot an email to Kris Nagy ( and reserve your ticket electronically.

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