Saturday, September 15, 2012

Logan Square All Stars: Jeffrey Hansen of Lula Café

Jeffrey Hansen of Lula Café
Do you miss seeing Jeff Hansen at Lula as much as we do? Good thing his cocktails linger, both on their menu and now ours. Just before Jeff skedaddled back to New York City, he graciously shared with us the recipe for his Green Garter cocktail:
Green Garter (Jeffrey Hansen, Lula Café) Letherbee Gin, lime, cucumber, cilantro, serrano chile; $10.
Like Alex Bachman of Yusho, Jeff has named Pilot Light as the worthy recipient of Monday evening's procedes, should all you Fan Fictioners drink more Green Garters than any other cocktail.
Pilot Light, a collective of culinary arts professionals, aims to enhance children's perception of food through interpersonal implementation of foood education programs, both working directly with schools and acting as a a catalyst for community organizations.
Pilot Light empowers children to take ownership of their heath and select healthier food options to improve the wellbeing of our country's youth and influence the way they think about their relationship with food.
Please be sure to join us for Fan Fiction: Logan Square All Stars on Monday, September 17, 5pm-2am. It's like visiting all of your favorite neighborhood bars at once, only as your tab climbs—so falls your karmic debt.

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