Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fan Fiction: Logan Square All Stars

It’s been really fun doing our own versions of cocktails as handed down by the masters (Dale DeGroff, Ted Haigh). Now we’re ready to try our hand at recreating recipes handed over by the folks we love to visit behind the stick on our nights off.

And so we announce our next edition of Fan Fiction! We present the Logan Square All Stars: head bartender Danny Shapiro has collected recipes from some of his favorite neighborhood mixologists, and is applying them to a special (and one-night-only) menu on Monday, September 17.

But there’s a new element this time: charity! We’re pitting each of our contributors against one another (in the nicest and least competitive way possible), and the creator of the highest selling cocktail gets to name the cause closest to their heart that we’ll donate 25% of the evening’s sales to. The moral of the story? Get off your duffs and drink it up, because the more cocktails we sell, the more money we get to give to somebody or something in need. 

Any guesses on which All Stars we’re featuring? Stay tuned all week as we announce participants!

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