Friday, February 1, 2013

Fan Fiction Sneak Peek: Here's How

Some “Well Dressed” Drinks

“The ‘four hundred’ of the mixed drink world, the ‘real Bon Tons,’ might be said to include the Juleps and the Punches (the singles, or bachelors). They are classed as the elite of spiritual society because they are the swellest dressers. Whenever they appear at parties they are invariably all ‘dolled up’ in bright colors and trimmed in the fresh fruits of the season. And do they hand out the icy stares? They fairly freeze you!” 

W.C. Whitfield, Here's How

We’ve gone through Here's How and chosen eight cocktails we think are the cat’s meow, so stay tuned to the blog for swell sneak peeks of what we’ll be slinging at our next Fan Fiction fête on Monday, February 4th, 5pm-2am. 

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