Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fan Fiction Sneak Peek: Here's How!

Food for Drink — Not Thought

“The next family of drinks with which you are likely to have a convivial acquaintance is distinguished by the fact that it offers food values as its principal reason for existence."

“Perhaps a very considerable number of their prtisans use their egg and milk content simply as an excuse for getting the hard liquors that go along, but this will always be a moot question. However, many mild drinkers really like the smooth blandness of the egg and milk concoctions, furthermore, the medical fraternity is prone to plug for them as ‘builder-uppers’ in disguise. And so they will always ‘go over big’”
W.C. Whitfield, Here's How

We’ve gone through Here's How and chosen eight cocktails we think are the cat’s meow, so stay tuned to the blog for swell sneak peeks of what we’ll be slinging at our next Fan Fiction fête on Monday, February 4th, 5pm-2am.

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