Monday, February 4, 2013

Fan Fiction Sneak Peek: Here's How!

Ending With ‘Party Mixes’
All the creations of the drink mixer’s skill placed before up to now have been for solo portions, one joy producer for one man. But there are many occasions when a liquid structure that will withstand the attacks of ten or a dozen or even fifty of your thirst maddened friends must be prepared.  
Browse among these generously planned liquid masterpieces — you will find them more interesting and far more tempting than the solo variety. Here’s happy days!
W.C. Whitfield, Here's How

We’ve gone through Here's How and chosen eight cocktails we think are the cat’s meow, so stay tuned to the blog for swell sneak peeks of what we’ll be slinging at our next Fan Fiction fête on Monday, February 4th, 5pm-2am. That's tonight!

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