Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day Two: More Flooring

Scene from a Gin Joint: We let in the flooring team. They load in their tools. We clear the remaining obstacles. They say they'll have to start tomorrow because the floor isn't perfectly level beneath the tiles we've scraped up. This comes out of nowhere, seeing as they said they'd level the floor for us. We shake our fists toward the heavens; you win this round, flooring team.

And so, today was spent much like yesterday. Scraping tile, sweeping, clearing screws and nails, rebuilding the floor in certain places, shifting things around, jump-roping, hopscotching - the usual.

We did, however, get to end on a high note. We took a short trip to Weegee's, where we celebrated Mandy's birthday. The bartender Chris ("Sire") was very accommodating and kind.

Happy Birthday, Mandy Tandy. You have the honor of being the first birthday of our crew in this post-Streetside era.

The highlight: the first time seeing our bar's name on a receipt. Twas delivered (pun intended) by The Brown Sack, one of our favorite go-to's for delivery in Logan Square.

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