Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day Twenty-Eight: Saint Charles, Pt. II

I named this cocktail after the hometown of two of my closest friends, Mike Boschert and Allison Wellborn*.

While Mike and I were at Tales of the Cocktail last summer, we heard a lady order up a Sazerac somewhere (Arnaud's French 75 maybe?) in the strangest, creakiest voice we'd ever heard. She said, "Usu-ally, I don't drink Saz-er-acs" and we got the biggest kick out it for absolutely no reason. I guess we were tired to the point of delirium and we honestly could not stop uttering "Saz-er-ac" for a long time afterward. We took turns saying it long after we had returned to Chicago and I'm sure that it got old quick for anyone who had to listen to it, especially Allison.

So, being that the Saint Charles is a gin-Sazerac at its core, I decided to name it on behalf of the two people it evokes for me.

Frontier Park, Saint Charles, MO.
Photo by Maguana.

*Technically, Allison's hometown is Albuquerque, but she spent just as much time in Saint Charles... So, for the sake of clean sentence construction, I've decided to keep it as you see it. My apologies for slight inaccuracy and rambling.

Stay tuned for Part III, which will contain the recipe and a bit about why I chose the Sazerac as a starting point.

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