Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day Sixteen: Craigslistin'

Today's craigslist journey took us to Riverside, IL where we met a lovely elderly lady named Sue and an artfully reserved gentleman named Al. They had some excellent furniture - don't want to give away exactly what kind - and great attitudes. Al, at least in his sixties, helped moved a couch to our pick-up truck and Sue played an excellent accidental prank in moving the wall-mounted mailbox from the doorway to the middle of the staircase between trips to and from the car.

The explanation: During the first two trips from the living room, down the stairs, and to the car's flatbed there was no mailbox in the staircase and then, somehow on the third trip, there was! Woah-boy! It was at least as wacky as slipping on a banana peel, considering my shoe went into the mailbox and I lost my footing all while holding a heavy chair. Glad I didn't break my neck and glad that my partner Mandy got a huge kick out of it. I got a pretty big kick out of it too; in fact, reminds me of another unexpected prank from Kris Nagy's older son, but that's a story for a different time...

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